Thursday, 17 April 2008

Why ?

Why oh why please explain to me am I awoken every night from my cosy nest upon the sofa, to go to bed ?????????
Why not leave me where I am, I am asleep and not likely to awken until the next morning when my empty tells me that one of those lazy folks upstairs need to fill my bowl/tummy !!!
Why do they try to make me go out for a walk when its really rather obvious that I would rather not ?
Why is it when I want to go out, i cant ? like when I know they are going out for the night - I know I am not allowed cos Twiggs looks half decent, which means its not the normal trip to the beer church, mind you if they are going out for a meal, TBG will come and fetch me after they have eaten - but do they save me anyting-niope !!) If they are going shopping... I will bark and do the run-round-in circles-thing ( normally TBG gives in and takes me, which means he doesnt have to go into the boring shops with Twiggs..tee-hee)
Why is it every time I have an itch, TBG will shreek FLEAS !!!!!!!! when was she last done ????
Why is it I am only allowed on one sofa - and why do I adhere to this ?
Why am I not allowed chocolate , when Shannon still has a glut left over from easter going begging ?
Why is it next doors cat sits on the fence and torments me and poops in my garden when I am not here / -One day I am going to break into his garden and do the biggest stinkiest nellie-doodle outside his back door, see how his owners like it - see how I said his owners and not the people he owns...cats are stooopid)
Why cant I have steak for tea ?
Why do I have so many questions ?
Its because I am such a clever dog and I am like TBG, just beacuse my eyes are closed it doesnt mean I am alseep, I am pondering questions about life etc.............

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