Monday, 14 April 2008

Vets Are Evil

Went to the vets today......there we were me and TBG off for a walk heading in the general direction of the park.....yippeeeeeeeee !!!! - Theres an enclosed area where they let me off without fear of me running off never to be seen again.Its fab I run like a lunatic, zipping about singing " Born Freeeeeeeeeeeeeee !" Giving Twiggs and TBG the twiches as there are trees that I aim for and just manage to avoid. I normally manage about 6 mad darts and a couple of circuits aiming for their legs trying to take one of them out in a hound rugby tackle, before Im either tired or bored and go and stand by the gate at the bottom which means, Ive had enough and need to go home and sleep, not stand at the top of the field shouting me like town criers in the vain hope I will dart back up to you !!!!!!!
Anyway we walked past the entrance to the park which means one thing and one thing only.....THE VETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did my statue impression at the door, rooted to the spot..dont forget ive not long been to the vets and remember the yowling session..............TBG dragged me inside like an irate mother on a childs first day at school, calm and nice and soothing to me, with untertones of "If I have to carry you in - then so be it !!"
My tail was so far under me it was tickling my nose.
Then we had to wait 30 minutes, 30 minutes of sheer hell and bewilderness at not knowing why the heck I was there, I hadnt hurt myself , i'd had my injections a year ago before I left the kennels..............wait a moment a year ago ?
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Easy peasy lemon squeezy
Nothing to it
If they could have given me a sticker for being a brave girl ( like Shannon the emo teenager gets at the dentist--oopps Sorry Shannon, that slipped out) I would have worn it with pride- as long as it didnt catch on my fur like a giant sticking plaster.
TBG was dead proud of me for a) Not yowling, b) Not biting anyone, c) not peeing on the floor....
Walk home went to sleep, got lots of fuss.think I may become a opposed to a wimp..................get loads more of attention .................
Ah well I can relax until next year...

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