Monday, 7 April 2008

Nutter Magnet

I am adorable ; again please note I am not blowing my own trumpet, but am merely relaying what people say about me. I am rather quite modest really.

I am a nutter magnet or this is what TBG says about me.

If we go to town or are out and about people constantly stop the people who I have instructed to take me out and comment on how lovelly, gentle, friendly, sweet natured and pretty I am.

Now when this normally happens is when twiggs has gone into a shop for a mooch about and left me and TBG standing out side looking like loons or billy no mates.

TBG is great and I know how lucky I am to have chosen them and a lot of hounds are not so lucky and still in need of homes, he is great for talking to anyone and telling them how Fantastic we Greyhounds are and they should all have one: BUT THERE ARE SOME FOLKS HE SHOULD NOT TALK TO.......least of all not let them fawn all over know who you are;
When we get accosted by the nutter brigade, Twiggs can normally sense this and looks through the shop window like a rabbit caught in head lights and her and shannon try and leave the shop unnoticed by TBG or my self and will to skuttle off down the street.......... sniggering to themselves............ Then stand at the bottom of the street and have the cheek to phone TBG and laugh down the phone chanting " Nutter, Nutter !!" but I suppose for every 20 nutters there are at least 1 who is genuinely its worth it... and we are a lovelly breed

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