Tuesday, 14 September 2010


All good things come to those who wait.................

Tgb, Twiggs, Gimoo and I have all been on holiday to Wales in the trusty VW Damper Van...and indeed once again Wales was damp.. ( I very nearly had a nasty case of trench foot) Every year they go to the same place- dont get me wrong , i love holidays and I love Rhyns camp site ( well who wouldnt with it being a working SHEEP farm :)- but come on guys use a bit of imagination when it come to picking holidays.
Now I am not moaning because its Snowdonia and they make me walk every where, yes walk every where...for those of you who didnt understand that...I said WALK EVERY WHERE...Holiday...my soggy left foot..holidays are supposed to be relaxing and a time for snoozing etc...... Not with these dopes.....
The upside was being allowed to have an ice cream every day..oh yes and once again, no flake and no sauce..but hey-ho beggars cant be choosers ... and it was was funny to watch Gimoo's face when i was brought one and she wasnt... ( Hey im only 8- and the baby here, shes 15- she can buy her own, plus they love me more ,ok )

The sleeping arrangement were great Twiggs and TBG made a rather comfy mattress for me ( ok I lay on their legs and listened to them moan about it all the time )which was fab.....well it was fab until the tent gave into the rain..and we were nearly washed away...that must of been agony for Gimoo - water actually touching her skin.
So we had to go and buy a new tent...... hurrah..much bigger than the last one.
I sat in the damper van and watched them put up the new said tent in a pouring gale whilst Gimoo tried to hold on to the old tent..think if her feet were not so very huge and kept her grounded she would have been whisked off by a tenty type hot air balloon whent the gusts of wind came.. TBG and Twiggs laughed till twiggs nearly wet herself at Gimoos squeals coming from inside the ravanged tent.... I was sniggering like mutley in the safety of the van ......
Ellie Pup and The osbournes set up camp with us on day 4, which was great and Ellies dad took me to the sea side and I was allowed to run free on the beach...Hurrahhhhhhhh... ok so it was raining and windy and I didnt get A) A donkey ride or B) candy floss...but I did eye up some seaguls who flew off like big scardey cats the minute I was unleashed..that was lovelly.. I felt like Forest Gump running and running - well for about 5 minutes until I was pooped out.

They let me off for a run on the space in the camp site.
Gimoo, TBG and Twigs all possistioned themselves so they could catch me in case I decided to run away - ahem..run away ? me no think so, I have it made here, anyway off I went... I ran behind a tent mid circle, full on yomp- mouth wide open and |"bumped" into one of the campsite free range chickens who had escaped... " Opps ! " I rescued it from behind the tent where it could of hurt its self on the tent pegs..so I did the decent thing and as my mouth was open already I scooped it up and brought it out to safety.. and THEY SHOUTED AT ME !!!!!!!
Drop it Nellie..I thought Twiggs was going to pass out...
So I did and it ran away, so I picked it up again, this time you see worried about Gimoo squishing it with those giant feet of hers, and again they shouted at me.
TBG made me spit it out and dragged me off to the damper van, whilst Twiggs was examining the said chicken for bite marks ( as if....... )
They seem to have mistaken the chickens god almighty swalking .....It was really thanking me for saving from potential danger.... Honest

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Birthday Queen

Whoop-whoop...it was my birthday..." Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee ....! " TBG and Twiggs had very kindly brought me variety of squeekedy-deekey toys which to kill...( may i add now for the record it is not at all funny to hide squeaky toys under my bed....so I jump out of my fur when diving into bed....ever !!!!! ).
The Abino Emo.....who is now a Ginger Emo..or Gimoo.... so many redheads mask the red in their hair..not this loon she is a proper carrot top by choice..even now weeks after the did that awful thing to herself I will find my self running into the room and stopping dead in my tracks thinking there is a stranger in the room and getting all unnecessary thinking I have a new victim to stroke and fawn over me....then I realise its her ---- only because its glued to its laptop while lounging on the sofa. ( Yes the sofa I am NOT allowed on ).
I do wonder if the Gimoo and I are related as we are both equally lazy, hungry and great at shedding hair everywhere.
Anyway Gimoo very kindly brought me some lovely pigs ears ( only because I suspect as she knew Twiggs would be greeting them later having been recycled into a big sloppy Nellie doodle :)

Well everyone went to work and I felt a wee bit sad as Twiggs Always books the day off for Gimoo's birthday...I was a little hurt as I know she loves me more than Ole Carroty top yet she'd gone to work and left me.

" Sigh "

When later in the day Twiggs and TBG came home with the bestest ever pressie ever for me...a sofa for the dining room .... no more hard floors for me.." Whoop-whoop"
Well I was just so happy I couldn't believe they had brought me such a great gift, even if Twiggs did cover it in more throws than they have in Habitat.
Its great I can spread out and see directly into the kitchen and being higher up I can see whats on the work surfaces. Lay there all comfy with my eyes boring into whoever is cooking in there ready to pounce should anything fall onto the floor.
I lie on my bed just waiting and watching and if anyone should sit on my sofa....then its fair game...I will run across the room and jump on them and demand a fuss..this is the price you pay for using MY sofa.
Twiggs says its not mine..and belongs to every one.....
i know though that its mine all mine all mine...... would have been a nice touch if they had gift wrapped it though.....

Monday, 26 April 2010

Stop Milking It

Twiggs had dissapeared for a few days...didnt know where she had gone ? All I knew was that suddenly TBG & The Albino Emo were suddendly eating much nicer food then dissapearing to " Visit ?" in the evenings....
Then Twiggs came home hurrah..turns out she had been held captive in this big building surrounded by a massive car park..I know this as I went in the VW Camper to pick her up when the realeased her...... well she still looked the same, a bit frailer and she sure smelt funny..but it was still Twiggs..
We got her hiome and I really dont know if they have been giving her injections of the Greyhound gene but boy oh boy she sure slept a lot, she slept more than me..which takes some beating !!!!
We had lots of cuddles on the sofa as thats all she did was lay on the sofa with a big blankie over her, which I managed to weedle my way under many times and have a hug and a much with the feeble one....
Talk about role reversal..Twiggs sat on her big fat bum all day while TBG hoovered ( well in a fashion) and cooked all the meals and picked up all the Nellie Doodles I left in the garden..he did the washing....The ironing..well that pile got so big I was a wee bit concerned that if it toppled over on me it would suffocate me .
Nanny Glen came to visit and did all the ironing..then the next lot TBG tried his best until Twiggs offered to pay The Albino Emo to do it all......that was fun to watch !!!!!!
Well 6 weeks on the novelty is wearing off as she is still at home interupting my sleep patterns, clattering about in the kitchen...to which of course I just have to go and investigate..just in case something should happen to fall into my food bowl....How is a hound supposed to sleep 24/7 with her making a noise ?????
And the worst of it is ...she keeps taking me out for walks..as walking is good for her they say.....yes for her maybe, not for me......
As much as I love her I do wish she would go back to work or go shopping or anything to leave me alone to sleep...........


Ha ha..I have discovered a new game..its called Statues...here's how I play it ...... Twiggs took me for a walk once again I had been duped into thinking it was the park we were going to... ( oooh how this hound really should have learnt her lesson by now !!!! ) anyhoooo it was a beautiful morning and off we went..heading in the direction of the park, all the little school children were about being ferried to school by harassed parents...we crossed the road by the lights and the nice crossing lady patted my head, life was good, was good that is until we walked past the entrance to the park....my heart sank, I looked up at Twiggs who had her " Oh don't worry Nellie were not going to the VETS were having a long walk face on " I kept looking back towards to park to no avail.
I figured I wasn't in pain, I hadn't hurt myself..so that meant only one thing..BOOSTER SHOTS !!!!..well sod that I thought and when Twiggs tried to cross the road...I just stood there like a statue refusing to move in any direction apart from back home........ now I know Twiggs does love me and wont yank at my collar...so she walked me up the road a bit then crossed over....so the next road we got to I did the ole statue thing again..Twiggs was actually pleading with me whilst adopting her famous BUM FACE look..... again she walked up the street and then crossed over and tried to fool me by bringing me the back way into the vets....Ok so I may be one Bonio short of a a packet but I'm not as stupid as I am furry looking...no way...I just put the anchors on and refused to move full stop.....
I was then dragged around the corner...Hurrah I thought I have won , she's given up Oh how stupid can I be, too busy gloating to myself I didn't realise she has brought me around to the main door..........
Mega paralyse...I wasn't playing statues..I couldn't move..I could even look at that door..If I didnt look at the door, then it didn't exist and this wasn't happening to me. The two vet nurses were stood behind the counter with the two receptionist, one of the vet nurses being Emma from next door and they were laughing at Twiggs.....( she had already had all the little school kids and commuters in cars laughing at her already that morning )...Twiggs couldn't pick me up due to the operation she had not long had...then drat......Emma the toe nail lopper came out and put her hands under my mighty fine belly and rudely hoisted me inside.... Great No escape at all now.
I just stood there with the biggest saddest face on looking out of the door with my back to everyone...Then the vet came out and Twiggs led while he pushed my backside into his little room of doggy torture !!!!!!!!
I was poked and prodded ...he even stuck that dreaded needle in me...I was weighed..I really really didnt like Twiggs very much at this point and vowed to eat nasty stuff and leave her a nice big pressie by the back door one morning soon.....