Monday, 7 April 2008

Runny Bum : The Vets

I slept really really well, although I will admit their legs did get in the way a bit and I didnt take too kindly to the quilt being yanked off me............( They have body fat to keep warm )
I have a problem and its not just the rain which hasnt stopped : Its July we are not supposed to be in monsoon season. I have a bad belly, not just windy pops.but the really bad kind of belly, which I think you guys get after a night in your "Church" followed by a really hot curry.... Twiggs is really worried as several times in the night I had to be taken outside ( in the rain) and dragged across a wet cold camp site to do my doggy thing.......... upon which Twiggs went a funny shade of green and tried her best to clean up in the dark in the rain holding a torch in her mouth holding onto me in case the phantom squirrel should turn up and fancy a game of chase... I thought it was quite funny, but no Mrs Twiggs seems to have lost her sense of humor ...and nearly her stomach contents too.
We went to the beach later that day- when the rain held off, which was great.loads of seaguls of whom I would have quite happily chased to death if I had been allowed off the these people not know, I will only run about 500m ( admitingly really really fast) then plonk down in a big exhausted heap... all they have to do is eventually catch up with me ... they dont even have to run, Fair enough I may not come back if called but I will wait and rest while they run like loons shouting my name: Trust...lack of it !!!!!
Anyway there were a few families on the beach.......... very nice when oh deary me... I had the urge to make a sandcastle of my own in the form of big sloppy runny Nellie Doodle.TBG and shannon quickly made a sharp exit with me and left Twiggs to scoop it up.......She caught up with us eventually muttering about it not being funny and abandonment................ I am booked in at the VETS !!!!!!
Nice vet man - warm hands -says I colitius.....I have tablets which they think they have to hide in cheese_ I'd eat the tablets anyway, but as I am quite partial to cheese I am not going to let on.
Twiggs is cooking boiled chicken and rice in the camper van for me.......... nom nom nom dry dog food any day..........
Am feeling better
Have made a friend called Ellie, i say friend we are both not big doggy lovers, we dont fight and saunter along ok together which suits me fine , even if Ellie-pup is a bit odd looking...... She has the biggest sticky out ears I have ever seen outside of a sci fi film. Im too scared to mutter anything bad about her in case her radar should pick it up....... She has stumpy legs and a belly that sometimes hits the floor, buts she's rather cool and I quite like her considering I only normally like other greyhounds........... And hurrah she doesnt do the bum sniffing thing which is great... not like the labrador pup I once encountered who rather rudely jumped me when I wasnt expecting it and goosed me by sticking his big fat cold nose in that place vets are only allowed....
Hence now when I am out walking I keep looking around to see who may be behind me... The people I own think its very funny: very drool I think, how would they like it...The next time They laugh at me I shall nellie doodle in the kitchen and see how funny they find that !!!!!
Are these people I own mad ? all they do is geography is really not my strong point, but ...are there no flat parts in wales ?????? _ I think there is but nope not where we are...all they do is walk...we walk up hill and up hill and then uphill some more....never seem to go down hill only uphill....Will be glad to get home and have a rest......... Shannon agrees with me, but not so much that she will let me have a sneaky slurp of her ice cream : teenagers so selfish !!

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