Sunday, 13 April 2008

A Dog Called Dave

Believe it or not these two loons who reside in my house were going to call me Dave..... .like thats so drole.....
I am aware that that for the first 5 years of my life I didnt really respond to any name not even my racing name and that Twiggs was nearly in tears when the lady at the kennels said that they could re- name me what ever as I didnt really know a name : To be perfectly honest I still dont , I just hear Nellie and think " Ooh food ! "
How ever if TBG had gotten his own way and called me Dave, I would have made a point of learning that one and giving him a bite or an accidental nudge to the testicles every time he used it .
Nellie......... I often think my name could be other things that I often hear thrown my way such as :
smellynellie.............not my fault you put the food in bowl ! elliepup,,,,,,

Why Nellie ? why not Tiger or Flash or Queen ?
Well TBG, his mom is Helen.........often like myself is called manythings, but more often is called Nel & her mom was called Nellie........... Not bad really, I am quite proud, it could have been worse...much much worse, yes even worse than Dave.TBG could have called me after what he calls his mother in law.......The Dragon ( Rawwwwwrrrrrr.....!)

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