Sunday, 6 April 2008

Me : Nellie, who I am

My Name is Nellie, in a former life I was known as Trotters El Tina, which can be a bit of a mouthful and being a typical Greyhound, you can call me what you wish and I will only come when called by that given name if there is:

a) food involved or b) a belly rub.

I am a Brindle Bitch not a huge dog but not teenie tiny either, everyone says that I am a beautiful and a pretty dog........ ( not that I am blowing my own trumpet here, I am just relaying to you what people say

The people I own and live with are called Steve ( other wise known as: The Big Guy, Steven or For Godness sake- The latter two when the red haired one is a wee bit tense.

The red haired one is called Simone but often called Mom or Twiggs ( not very twigg like if you ask me, but hey i'm just a hound , what do I know)

Then theres another strange being that lives up stairs or lay down on the other sofa that I am not allowed on, it doesnt say a lot and tends to communicate in grunts and facial expressions, that one is called Shannon, Shandy, shanzybub, Dont answer Back, who do you think you are ( which are strange names but ones that are used quite a lot !!)

Until June last year I had not met these people who I now own.

I was born in Ireland and Raced at Harlow and Yes I was fast and Yes I did win a lot of my races.

Last May I was moved to Monmore Retired Greyhound trust (RGT) when Harlows closed down.

Thats where the 3 S's ( Steve, simone & Shannon) met me and I decided to adopt them as my own.....................................................


Anonymous said...

nellie, i dont know how you put up with all those trips to the pub with your new owners,cheers, uncle matt x

galgogrrl said...

Hi Nellie, nice to meet you... my name is Luka, and I'm a mix greyhound/galgo from the Barcelona region. You can find my story at
looking forward to see how you like life with your Main Servants and the grunting thing!
paws up, Luka