Sunday, 27 April 2008

Dog Toffee

Do you know what Dog Toffee is ? You should, I do.
Mine can vary depending on what cack I have eaten, if I overdose on sardines or Twiggs gives me too much broccoli or veggies, it can be rather unpleasant...( thats when TBG leaves it in the garden to " Form A Skin" in the vain hope Twiggs will do the honours !!!)
Some times if I am feeling rather generous I will leave them a double bagger helping of Nellie Doodle Dog Toffee ( Ie too much to fit in one bag so they have to go back in the house and get another bag.....) Or if I am out walking I will pretent I want to just to wind them up.
Now I think people who dont pick up any Toffee that the dog they are with should drop are BAAAAAAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If caught they should be made to pick it up with bare hands ( and any other toffee with-in a 1 mile radius weither or not it has been manufactured by thier dog or not).
That should soon make it habit forming for them to clear up.
The amount of times a hound has pooped out side our front gate ( Now this normally starts in late Sept when the nights start drawing in and dog walkers think they can get away with it as its dark) any way one of these Bozo's who lives with me normally doesnt spot it and ends up smearing through the down stairs until..its quickly smelt and noticed & made Twiggs vomit and make up new curse wwords while she is cleaning it up.
Even my special place in the park - where I am allowed to run free-is not sacred, its like an explosion in a toffee factory some days.
Do they have lolly sticks for dogs to allow us to scrape the offending cac-cac out of our paws ? - No....How am I supposed to wipe my paws ? What if i was to skid when mid-mad pelt round the field moment-and fall in it ??????? OMG !!!!! I know some hounds like to purposedly roll in sheep do-do, but imagine the horror of having to walk home from the park covered in recycled dog chow ?????

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