Sunday, 13 April 2008

Road kill

Twiggs loves her Rudolph rug and it comes out every year at christmas...for some reason she thinks its really sweet and I AM NOT ALLOWED ON OR NEAR IT...... Now I love teddies..I love to chomp teddies and this would be doggy heaven....but its not its like sitting TBG in front of a giant kebab or Shannon in front of a giant bag of haribo and then telling then NO............thats just mean and spiteful.
So I have to wait until Twiggs is out of sight then pounce on it and dragging it from room to room by its antlers shaking its giant head to and fro: like a weird macabre dog/roadkill ballet....... Its fantastic fun and well worth the yelling i get when I am caught trying to re- arrange its hooter.
The best is when I go to do the flying door way to sofa leap, just before I splat onto the sofa I will use Rudolph as a giant spring Board just for the sheer hell of seeing twigg's face when I have rumpled him all up after she has spent ages arranging him just so.
Its not all bad though i will lie on Ruloph and feel his furryiness under me like a big snuggle rug and used his big fat head as a pillow.until the bumface one catches me.

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