Sunday, 6 April 2008

First Day Home

The staff at Monmore are fantastic, they fed me well, looked after and exercised me and loved me so much...But I sensed this was all coming to an end as the "Vanishing proceedure " had begun, this being a whole list of things that hounds and ive seen previous kennel mates go through, before voooooooom..they vannish !!- of course I now know that the worming, micro chipping, grooming, de- fleaing etc etc are all done in preparation of our new homes- not because we are being abducted by aliens......
Fantastic TBG & twiggs have come to collect checks are made , thank you's and good byes said ......... My mode of transport to my new home................................ A V.W Camper van...fantastic- loads of leg much floor space for me to sprawl out on...oh boy oh boy...... I lie in the back until at least Junction 10 of the M6 then saunter up the front to give TBG a heart attack ... he thinks im just being affectionate, Twiggs gives me more credit and says it beacuse I want to see where I am going........ Both wrong...I just wanna check his driving out and make sure he keeps it steady up there after all i'm trying to sleep in the back.
Ok i will have to tell you at this point I have a big plastic muzzle on, not beacuse i'm Hannibal Lecture or a bittey sort of dog, its just something the kennels do..... makes me feel a bit hard and butch when they take me out to town with it on............... Anyway I go into the house I Am IN DOGGY HEAVEN....they have a house rabbit called George - big fat podgy smug thing- sat in this massive cage: well I was well made up I thought they must really really love me if they have brought me such a wonderful house warming pressie................. Just as well he was in a cage, i did momentarilly forget I had the muzzle on and looked a bit of a berk head butting the cage...... I was soon dragged away and I think they eventually fed george to Shannon.....the thing that lives upstairs as TBG took the cage up there... for a while I used to hear Twiggs shout at 2am,3am etc for god sakes George stop chewing at your water bottle............. I later learned that george went to Bunny heaven 3 months later due to old age and had to be put to sleep... put to sleep..????? : Goodness me I could have saved them a lot in vets bills and had some excercise at the same time if i had been allowed to play with him.
My first day at home was great I soon showed them how to play Hound Sofa tennis, which basically is me jumping on the sofa and them shouting "Get Off..".and me jumping off that sofa and jumping on the other one and them shouting "Get off..."... Shannon laying on one to stop me jumping on it --- ha ha ha stop me doing what I dont think so.......... anyhoo's one squished Shannon later and two very horse adults........... we have a result... who needs the expensive bed they got when I have a leather sofa all to my self.......That reminds me must get twiggs to buy me some throws for my sofa, this leathers a bit cold when you first get on it and shannons not around to warm it up first

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