Friday, 2 October 2015


So they think it's rather funny to call me Puddles... I'm old and cannot help it if my bladder will not hold out whilst they are out. I rather think that at night time I could bark and let them know I need a wee or actually have my last wee of the night instead of running round the corner pretending to go and running back in wanting my pre bed dentastick instead , but where's the fun in alerting them when it's more fun to see Twiggs mopping it up where I had deliberately moved the Puppy pads and weed on the carpet and guessing how long it takes for her bum face to implode.....

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Nellie Age 13 & 5 months

Well not much has changed here, well I guess it has if you consider that Twiggs has more of a bum face than ever. The emo has moved out leaving more room on the sofa for me, downside being there are less biscuit crumbs as Twiggs is constantly attending fat club and I'm sure has taken to eating forbidden snacks in her wardrobe in secret...... 
I apparently so they say am getting doddery on my legs -Really? I can still run like a new born lamb on speed if I think maybe some thing has fallen in my food dish. 
My brindles have been kissed off my face leaving it white ( it's not grey and anyone who dares suggest that will be dribbled on).
I still sleep 23 hours a day, but now have more beds dotted about the house, which really should have happened from day 1, it's terrible being that hard done by.
Age is all in the mind- look at TBG 
- Twiggs often says she married him not adopted him or is the other way around?

Still here

I'm still here, some one - mentioning no names would rather sit at her easel messing with crayons than take dictation from myself.....