Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Dying Fly

Well what would you know, there I was fast a sleep doing the usual mid-afternoon dozing upside down on the sofa; legs all akimbo,when I was roused from my sleep my the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt in my life, like the warmest, squidgetty, squishestty feeling ever, a million dropletts of sunkissed rain drops pit-pattering on my tummy: butterflies kissing my hairy navel, What a beautiful dream this was..................... hold on a moment..!!!, OH MY GOD...............ohno Ohnoooo someone is rubbing my belly, no one has ever done that before, its wrong wrong wrong, but yet so good good good.........
Twiggs is sat beside me so I am sprawled on her and she is gently rubbing my belly while watching t.v.... shes not even looking at what she is doing, does she know what she is doing ?
I cant look at her, cant give her eye contact, I adopt the im sorry ive been a bad dog look on my face, i cant look yet i want to look to beg her not to stop..............aaahhhhhhhhhh

Its like licking the wall beside my bed I know I really shouldnt do but its addictive and compulsive......

These days i LOVE IT LOVE IT...... and will try and a fix when ever I can off who ever I can...Im like a loveable drunk, you tolerate me in the hope I will go away once ive gotten what I want......I will lie across the dining room so people have to step over me to get by and as they go to step over i will cunningly roll onto my back and do the dying fly that they find so adorable and then have to rub my belly, as they feel sorry for me being so pathetic, i dont care , I dont care that theres someone at the door, or you have your tea balancing on a tray, I am a hound, I have no pride..apart from when Twiggs has been outside and tries to put her cold hands on me when i am asleep, apart from giving me heart faliure I could get chilblains.

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