Sunday, 27 April 2008


I went to Crufts recently, no I wasnt competing : Thats just unfair on the other dogs !!!!
It was one of my " Working Days" , I was there by invitation from The Retired Greyhound Trust, to show how lovelly, gentle, loving, loyal,lazy we all are and what good pets we make and how we adapt to life with you humans after years of being racing machines.
It was great every one wanted to just stroke us and love us and feed us doggy-woggy treats ( I dont care what name you want to give them as long as they end up in my bellykins ).
I met some hounds I had not met before...the bizzare Willow, who wasnt really Bizzare it was just that Willow would smile on I will admit Ihave been trying this but my top lip is just not strong enough and I end up looking like ive a hare-lip.
Mind you Twiggs has taught me how to Give Paw recently, so I am not stupid, actaully no I am not as I picked it up by the second go, but didnt let onto Twiggs, just let her keep.."training me.with dog treats...ha ha ha !!!!
I have never seen such an odd assortment of people. Now I though that the canine world had some funny looking varieties of the spiecies, but honestly that motley lot at crufts really took the biscuit !!!!!!.
Honest some were out and out FROOTLOOPS and shouldnt have been allowed out ( especially not on their own )
Shannon dressed up as a giant greyhound called Homer and walked around the arena ( after Mrs Tina was in danger of over heating) trying to raise funds for the RGT...but people were soo stingy and shannon even danced too !!!! ( and the giant dog head messed her emo/goth/scene type hair up.that should have been worth at least £100)
One stall holder very kindly donated two bags of his yummy hand made liver brownies and gourmet dog treats for the kennel hounds......very very kind but incidently, I didnt even get a sniff of them let alone a lick.................
Crufts was great, but also very very tiring; its hard work being worshiped all day, it interfered with my nap pattern and I was exhausted for days afterwards !

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