Sunday, 6 April 2008

When I met The Big Guy & Twiggs

This is a pic of me , taken at Monmore,- see how toned and slender I was then...-where I first met Twiggs and The Big Guy ( TBG)Turns out they had been on The scenic Dmu on the severn Valley on a sat night ( TBG says he likes it-its a train thing, Twiggs says its coz theres a bar on the train) and they had seen a flyer at Bridgenorth Station for the following day advertising a Meet & Greet for the Greyhound Trust and decided to go along and meet the hounds, which in turn resulted in them turning up at Monmore and falling under my spell.
TBG fell in love with me at first sight, I think Twiggs did too, although she was letting TBG think it was all his idea.... noticed this is a female thing....I was a bit worried though as it was dinner time and I did forget my manners - but not my kennel mate-and I wolfed my dinner down, in case anyone/hound was going to pinch it, I didnt think they had noticed until the buffoon in the wellies from the Kennels called me a Grubber...ha the cheek of it.......... Think Twiggs saw they way I scoffed and it remined her of the TBG at dinner time.
Anyhoo's after I had scoffed I did the decent thing and Lay down on the cold floor and gave them the Give A Hound A Home Pose, giving them my saddest look...well they though I looked sad, what I was actually doing was using Hound Telepathy...telling them they belonged to me now....must have worked.................................

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