Monday, 7 April 2008

Bone Money

See how cute I am , mind you anyone would look cute next to TBG................
Do you know that they: they being the people who I own make me work for a living, well its more for bone money than anything else.
TBG & Twiggs, -more so TBG as Twiggs has to work most saturdays -takes me along to the Hall Green Branch of the Retired Greyhound Trust.... RGT........... " Meet & greets" This is where for those of you who dont know , the RGT will have a stand or stall out side a pet shop, or a shopping centre or an event etc.
Where the kind volunteers will bring their hounds and the public can see the doggies and see how nice they are ( like me) and hopefully raise awareness of their plight and hopefully some will get re- homed as a result. Which how I eneded up with my lot.
Its hard workfor a hound , I have people stroking me and loving me and giving me lots of fuss and tit bits all day long , very tiring. I have to sleep for days after to recover.
TBG enjoys it as I think he like meeting people and likes yakking more than eating, that man could yak for england.
So if you see me when you out shopping come and say hello to me, im not really dead laying on the floor, im just pretending im in a coma so TBG will shut up for 5 mins....

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