Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The Vets

Ouch ouch...............................I was bleeding and it stung and it hurrrrrrt !
Twiggs & TBG were not here only Shannon who was very shocked & upset at me whinning and dripping blood everywhere. She very kindly gave me a big big love and did a brilliant nursy -nursejob holding some kitchen roll against the wound which was pouring with blood; hardly suprising as I had just ripped my leg off...............
Twiggs came in and comforted a tearful Shannon.(Cough cough, ah-em......dying dog here woman..never mind the hormonal teenager-call me an ambulance)
Panic stations: lead on, coat on , a micropore sticky patch thing placed kindly over gaping hole in leg...how awful : Ive havent had my dinner: i never go out before my dinner, you always give me dinner when you get home: its wednesday, I have sardines with my dinner on a wednesday.........
So off we go walking to the vets : Twiggs is too thick to learn to drive.
Walking along the busiest road at the busiest time of night....me being dragged cos Ive not had my dinner and I want to home and eat, shannons doing the normal teenager walking whilst looking at her feet : twiggs face matches her red hair.... We meet TBG at the vets who laughs and says it looks like a panty liner on my leg and gives me a big cuddle.

Nice vet lady who Twiggs says looks about 10 years old is very kind....and I am such a brave little soldier, removes the offending claw and gives me a Whopping Great big Bandage so big it looks like I have had a leg Transplated with a hockey stick, and doubles my weight, all is well until I have my second injection which was like being injected with wasps and I yowled for a full 2 minutes non stop, not realising that Twiggs had the door open and all other animals in the waiting room heard me cry....... ( i had a mean imgonnabiteyer, look on my face when I left the room in case any of them wanted to laugh at me)
Twiggs nearly fainted again when she paid the bill - hey im worth it).

I cant get my paw wet, la la la la la la la la
I dont have to go for walks, la la la la la la ala
I can just rest all day la la la la la la la
I have to take tablets - wrapped in cheese if you purlease.....la la la la la la la
Every one loves me and feels sorry for me la la la la la la la la la

Oh Poop.......TBG has brought me a doggy boot....... oh lordy its silver and looks like a big gay doc martin.oh no now I have to go for walks....... Oh the Shame...............................

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