Monday, 28 December 2009

Its Christmas !!!!!!!!!

Christmas was fun....... I can say I really really enjoyed Christmas this year...( well apart from the scolding due to the teddy liberation thinghy...which i refuse to take the blame for....I blame the teddy with the big mouth !!!!!!!!!.
Nanny Cheese came for Christmas...twigs kept saying we were having Nanny Cheese for Christmas....( well i did rather wonder how they were going to fit her in the oven..and WHO...was going to remove the giblets on that old bird !!!!!!!!.....didnt fancy any left overs from that !!!!
She was great fun..... she fed me whisky from that never ending glass of hers..Oh how she laughed until I helped myself leaving dog slobber all over ( and in) the glass...ooohhhh no not so funny then eh ?????
She fed me from the table...amid glares and tuts from the others..of course I had spent weeks mastering the doe eyed look and the look of " yes they always feed from the table,,its ok carry on !!"...... Nom nom nom...sprouts im not fussy at all..although every one smelt the same the night..I swear the air in this house was green that night..I had to lay on my bed sniffing clean air from the floor level...of course I got the blame very time.....even though Nanny Cheese was the main perpetrator....... and she just sat there smiling sweetly.....( unlike the rancid stench sneaking out of her rear end.)...Got my own back the next day when I really had the devil in me...... charging at her trying to play Nanny 10 pin bowling with me as the ball...and trying to eat the sappy faced gorilla off her prized Kipling bag.... ( well it was looking at me with a big soppy grin and making monkey noises and just had to be enliminated........)
I had a new rabbit toy..which still has its squeeker intact despite being slam dunked and thrown up the wall......give me time..the squeeker will die..........
Also I had extra treats...little bowls of nuts left on the table and little wrapped chocolates..well if things are to be left unattended..doggy law states quite clearly that edible ( ok then items deemed edible by us hounds..not you two leggers)such items left unattended for more than 5 minutes are clearly no longer required by you guys and are left for us to thats what i did...much to twiggs amusement- well im not sure if the bum face was a smirk or a grimace..its hard to tell these days)when TBG told her to check my Nellie doodles for bits of foil........mind you I had eaten abig Christmas dinner and had 3 big doodles in the garden...which TBG had left to go hard..and when she bent down to pick them up ...he turned the outside light off.... she turned the air blue when she came charging back in and caught everone laughing......and no she didnt check for foil.......
Christmas was good..despite the silly head wear...all I need now is for that home made Christmas pudding to fall out of the fridge into my bowl and my christmas will be complete x

Friday, 18 December 2009

Teddy Liberation Army must be nearly christmas...the obvious signs being they have put the tree tantrums this year, which I admit I was dissapointed with..its great to watch Ole Bumface crinkle those lips up as she gets wound up and starts throwing baubles about !!
Twiggs keeps disapearing upstairs to wrap gifts ( mine I hope..... although I havent told her what I want long as its rippable or not really too fussed, I know theres NO change of me getting next doors cat, so im not going to get my hopes up too much).
The Albino Emo has already had her gift....I havent a clue what it is...I think it could very well be edible..I havent seen it yet but it lives in a tank in her room ( poor thing, I wouldnt want to go in there, let alone live in that stinky room... Its called Phil from what I gather and eats crickets....which I dont think the Emo one likes very much...... I think she should donate the Phil thing to me for christmas...although she says it runs very fast....( can I when I chooose to you know)...for all I know it could be a road runner up I said best of luck to it sharing a room with the Ablino one.......
The reindeer rug has come out again and I have not had chance to lay opn it yet or beat it up as they have moved the room around.... mainly to stop me running full pelt into the room and jumping on the sofa and headbutting the window all the Twiggs has put it on the beanbag under the telly where I cant get at it.....however...... The Alino Emo was given a cute little xmassy teddy cpmplete with santa hat that lives under the tree.... I am NOT allowed near it...but it keeps calling my name when no one else is around, telling me it wants to play and doesnt like it stuck under the tree....... so I have to make sure the coast is clear sneak into the room and very very quietly stick my stealthly snout under the tree and liberate him...some times he is very good and comes quietly other times he wiggles and I have to throw him in the air and slam him to the ground to shush him up. Then one of the grumpy ones will come and get all angry and shouty with me and waggle him in front of me and tell me off... ( its not even as if the Emo ones want it..shes 14 ...TOO OLD FOR TEDDIES...and I am only 7 after all) then they put him under the tree again..where he keep laughing at me and begging me to free him.......