Monday, 7 April 2008

Bingo Wings

Ok across the road from where I live is a catholic church, yup a proper church, but with the added bonus attatched: It has a human Beer church right beside it. so when TBG drags me out for a swifty walk he has a swifty pint of beer too....( great use me as a cover for his beer cravings) its lovelly and quiet in there and the Altar/bar lady is really lovelly and sometimes gives me cheese which i like very much. Everyone is nice and they all love me and I love them to.

I don't like bingo night in there.

Its full of old people

They scare me

Bingo dabbers dab dab dabbing

everyone shush shushing you if you dare to move

The silly bingo quips.. two fat ladies, quack quack, doctors orders..hows about woof woof Im trying to sleep here so you shush shush yourselves...............
Then one of then will shout " House,ere are" and make nearly have a heart attack

The P/a system scares me its too loud.surely they are not all that deaf ,cant they use an ear trumpet or summat

TBG makes me go in the back room with him i dont like it in there its spooky and I know that the phantom squirell lives in there somewhere, thats why i always look well alert with my ears up like a giant space hopper and try and escape when ever I can or I make my self really really small so no one can see me....eventually TBG will have to take me home just so he can get some peace and quiet.and I have to walk out past all the dab dab dabbers, who are all concentrating cos its a full house for a £10.00 jackpot and I am so tempted to let out a giant WOOFETY WOOF WOOF just to scare them all and make them jump see how they like it !!!!

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