Monday, 28 April 2008

Rynys campsite

I love camping ; Its Great, especially at Rynys camp site !
No chavy/pikey trouble makers are allowed, Mrs Rynys keeps a tight ship.
She is more of a womble than me, her camp site is spotless...There are bins every where, normal bins, recycling bins all sorts of bins, inluding the has-beens I go with.
Twiggs, Tbg , Mrs & Mr O ( the folks owned by Ellie-pup normally meet up and have a great time, especially when they sit up drinking and scoffing, playing Spot the Womble- which is a game to see how many times Mrs Rynys will empty the bins in an hour..the way you play it is to run up to the bin and noisly put something in it and then wait for her to come and empty it, as soon as she has done that you repeat several times...until the beer levels are well topped up and the you just daringly rattle the lid, run and hide wait for her to come to empty it, trying not to wet your self when you see the puzzled look on her face at seeing an empty bin..... childish yes, but TBG and Mr O think its really really funny.
Lots of people visit year after year as its so nice there, Jo-Jo doesnt come any more though- mind you Jo-jo was harmless enough, apart from his daily toilet habits, to which his owner would loudly shout " Jo-Jo time for job-job, come on Jo-Jo, job-job!, now by all means its good to train us hounds to have good toilet habits, but announcing it to all and sundry while they are having their morning brew and cornflakes is another thing !!!! - its a bit like TBG shouting across the campsite that twiggs has her " i cant pooh in a public place now Im egg-bound type thing & would she care to take a stick to the toilet with her !!"
Mr & Mrs O have the biggest pitch I have set eyes on, its bigger than our house !
Mind you it needs to be as Mrs O takes about 4 suitcases of stuff just for her ( no I am not jesting here)..Its massive, along with the camper van full ,of stuff too.... and Mr O's stuff ( and we know Mr O sleeps in the rudy-nudy- so its not jimmy jams he's bringing- like how hard is that ? freezing cold outside and him all naked under canvas....oh I forgot they bring fan heaters with them !!!..... wow ! ( Tbg is tight..he says Twiggs has to sleep in a sleeping bag this year as a quilt takes up too much room...the ole bum face had surfaced as she sleeps like a star fish and is very restricted in a sleeping bag and normally wakes up and the sleeping bag is upside down and she has a massive panic attack as she thinks she has gone blind as the hood is over her eyes, quite funny really.
Mr & Mrs O tell me that I am safe here and that The Phantom Squirrel wouldnt dare follow me here as A) He hasnt a welsh passport and B) Mr Rynys has been spotted hanging out of his bedroom window eliminating the local squirrel population with his big farmer type gun !!!!!
It is a working farm so there are lots of sheeps about, sheeps sure are odd, weird eyes, big hair..bit like a 70's pop star... we treat each other with rspect, and also because I have seen the size of their pimps, sorry I mean rams.they are big boys !!
Mr & Mrs Rynys have this 4 wheeler buggy thing they used to empty the bins in the bottom fields, its well cool and their mad collies ride rough shod on the back, me and Ellie pup want a go on the back, but we are scared of the collies ( well I am Ellie pups not scared of anything ), collies are mad, they have way too much bounce for me all they want to do is run and play and round the sheeps up,they exhaust me just watching them, Mrs Rynys had one once called I Bite, bit of an odd name for a dog I thought but thats what it said on its kennel and I wasnt going to argue.
Rhyns is great as its near to every where, you can drive into town or walk or catch the bus, the views from the campsite are fantastic,the facilities are great everyone is friendly and Mr & Mrs Rynys are really warm and welcoming....its the best,!!!!!

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