Tuesday, 15 April 2008


They, as the people I own love L.S.Lowry, now I know why I fit in to this family so well, with my tall lanky legs.
I am a walking Lowry stick dog.
I love to shake my self and make my legs stick out and shake with me, I am amazed I have never lost my balance and fell over.
Being tall is great: It means when I am in the kitchen " Sniffing the breeze" I am snout high to the work surfaces, no i'd never steal anything..( I would only take any thing I thought the phantom squirrel would purlion, like when I was caught with that pizza, they didnt see the phantom squirrel run off, no they only saw me sat there with it in my gob, and persumed I was the guilty one, typical they didnt see the battle I had with the phantom squirrel, I was only rescuing it !!!!!)
Being lanky also has disadvantages too, like how to sit, with out giving yourself a black eye with your knee caps, or how to get really comfy on the sofa with 12 foot of gangly legs to tuck under you - mind you I think I have nearly perfected that now !
Or how to get over or under a style whilst out walking ; with out the embarrasment of a certain Mr O, ( who is not blessed with great height like my self), picking me up and draping around his neck like a scarf and leaping over the style.........I nearly died !!!!
I like Lowry, I like his style, me thinks he was a Greyhound in a former life.

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