Friday, 11 April 2008

Rain in spain

Grumpy me, oh yes how dare I be grumpy, yes wee ole lovable mesome.
Imagine the scene.... I have built a nest with in the double duvet which is my bed.....
I am so far asleep I am in the land of twitchy paws.
Then I hear " nellie, nellie " pat pat, which normally means some poor sucker is sat on my sofa and wants me to come and sit on them and squish them whilst wriggling like a toddler on blue smarties. getting belly rubs and hugs galore, so up I rouse of my Nellie nest and race into the front room.
Sod it............. Twiggs is calling me and is stood patting the sofa while TBG is waiting by the door with my collar. Ok fair cop, youve got me lets go " For a walk " which means a trip to the beer church.
Ok its raining, no one like the rain, not Twiggs with the dyed red hair, not TBG which could mean : the Balby Guy not the Big Guy ha ha ha.
I am going to go as slow as possible and sniff eveything I can, i dont want to be here, but hey you dont want to get wet either.
Any hoo the beer church is busy and no offerings have been made to the beer gods so thats annoyed me, Twiggs is still going to Keep Fat Club so noporky puffs.....I am fed up...
I will stand up and smile and do that I am really hot panting thing just to worry them, then the I need a wee-wee take me out into the rain so I can get you wet and sniff the grass for 20mins thing.
TBG is fed up as he says the beer gods will be really annoyed as it would seem that some one has taken a tinkle in his beer- or I think thats what he said............ I get a fuss off some people but like a teenager I pretend like I am all EMO and sad and dont really want to know.WANT TO GO HOME.
Twiggs tell TBG to stop grippng about the bloody beer and to go home ( hurraaaah ) and to worship from home next time.
Hurrah I bounce all the way home, They think its because I dont want to get wet, me thinks it cos I wanna go to bed.
Twiggs flounces trying not to trip over her bottom lip which has uncurled from its normal bumface possition.
Home sweet home.get in get towel dried ( I am a princess dont forget) Go to bed.yawny-yawn-yawn................ Twiggs has gone up to bed and TBG has put Only fools and Horses on - again)
Nite nite all.......................

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