Monday, 30 March 2009

Turn The clocks BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some one has stolen an hour from me and I am not happy about it at all.
Who has cant just disappear ?

OK...Own Up which Numpty said we have to put the clocks forward ?
I am really really NOT happy about this fact.

I lose an hours sleep.....A WHOLE HOUR !!!!!( Ok so I maybe gained one 6 months ago ( I cant remember as I was asleep at the time)

Horrors..... Yesterday morning Twiggs came plodding down stairs AN HOUR me up for my breakfast..which i dutifully ate then retired back to my bed....An hour early..
I was taken by the pair of them to the park ( which did alarm me as normally when they both drag me out in the direction of the park it means no park but past the park to the vets)
So I had a run in the park....dive bombing the pair of them.....

They had roast pork for lunch ( sulk, sulk I cant have they say it gives me urban curry, runny Nellie doodles...which isn't a problem for me..more for them trying to scoop it up- they are just so selfish )all was not lost as the Albino Emo snook me finger fulls of gravy off her emptied plate with out Bumface noticing....

Then later as it was " Still so light" they took me for a two hour walk..which really narked me..if I had known I was getting dragged out twice in one day suffering from sleep deprivation...I would not have galloped so much in the park, trying to bowl Twiggs over.............( well I say bowl over but looking at the size of those thighs I think it may take more than my self at 45mph to knock that off balance)

Hmmmmmmmmfffffpp !

A walk in the woods..including the 100000 mile walk to the woods ...-not happy- then TBG was not a happy one when he had to drag me back home..Twiggs did comment that it was like dragging a tired toddler or a sullen teenager along..I wasn't trying to trip him up..I was trying not to fall over with exhaustion...

So this means the nights are lighter, which means longer evening walks, which means not a happy Nellie .
This means brighter mornings with the sunlight waking me up, which means not a happy Nellie
This means the stupid birds will wake up earlier than ever and start their incessant chirping earlier and wake me up, which means not a happy Nellie.

I shall have to invest in some earplugs and a doggy eyemask....and practice that limp again so I am not dragged out as much.........


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