Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Ok I know I am on this enforced diet...and you know that i am not very happy about this....Prior to being starved I could occassionally get SWEETIES off these folks who live in my house.
Tbg loves sweets and still mourning the closure of Woolworths & the best pick a mix ever ever ever...I always said he had the mentallity of a child and when it comes to sweeties its a very close call between him and the Albino Emo one.
Some times they will drop sweets whilst shovelling them into their gapping mouths to which I pounce and gobble them up before they can be hit on the back of the head by the falling candy.
Im not so keen on hard boiled sweets as they hurt my tounge.... sour sweeties really hurt my taste buds- have you seen the size of my tounge.....how many taste buds ????

I like jelly babies and jelly belly beans ( although I always seem to get the manky ones like cappucino and cinnemon ..the really yakky ones no one likes ( or me really)..but dont normally realise they have fooled me with vile flavours till I am mid-chomp....... Nasty !

What I dont like is Space candy ( also knwon as Space dust,Fizz-whizz, popping candy etc etc)
I should have realise something was up when TBG actually offered me some candy and he was smiling at me........ so I trotted over to him and loving licked the suggary candy from his palm..... then all of a sudden " WHAM ! " my mouth exploded.....pop, pop,pop ! There was a mini volcano going off in my mouth and I couldnt stop it, like a million little imps sat on my tounge firing cannon balls...I tried to run about the room shaking my muzzle : But it wouldnt stop........ Nor would Tbg stop laughing.....tears were running down his big stupid face...his shoulders were shaking and he sounded like Mutley on speed.............
That was a very mean and nasty trick to play on me, I couldnt believe he would be quite so mean or what had just happened in my mouth.
I had to try the space candy a few more times just to make sure..........
Twiggs has banned him from bringing it in the house now and has threatened to ring the dudes at the RSPCA.
I think jelly babies are the safest bet from now on ( thats the nearest I will ever get to eating a human )

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valcharman said...

Vera loves to eat sweeties off the floor when we walk round the park. She also likes to scour the high street on a saturday morning looking for kebabs and chips that the friday night bingers have dropped on the floor