Monday, 9 March 2009

New bed...about time

These three clowns who live in my house went to Crufts yesterday.. I wasnt invited which to be honest I am rather quite glad about...I went last year ( as ive said before I wasnt entering Crufts to win a prize as thats just like TOTALLY unfair on all the other dogs who put up with years of training and inbreeding) I was helping raise awareness of Greyhounds..showing folks just how darn lovely we are
( especially me)and that we all need homes and how we can enrich your lives..and that we are really really in need of was great last year..but do you realise just how hard it is to lay down for 8 hours being fawned over , petted and stroked..its hard work..took me 2 weeks to recover last year.

I stayed and looked after the house and off they went.
The albino emo dressed up as Homer The Giant Greyhound to try and raise funds and awareness...I think thats job well suited for a) the suit covers her face so she can pull faces and raise those bloomin eyebrows all she wants and no one can see and tell her off & B) She doesnt have to talk in it...which suits her fine as all she normally does is grunt anyway...and I nearly forgot C) it doesnt matter if her hair has gone manky as no one can see it...... I think she acually enjoyed it, dancing, hugging children,,,chasing after what she calls " Fit" boys...there was a hairy moment I am told involving a giant Great Dane who was scared of her...some one told her to get on the floor( to play with it) which twiggs nearly passed out thinking the worst....but all was well they made friends..and there was no embarrassment or need for mothers to pull small children away in horror...!!!!!
They brought me a pressie.... a latex piggy...which a honk crossed with a oink..its lovelly and I love oinkers...but Twiggs is worried that it actually looks like a pigglet...that rules out any future farm trips then ......
Any way the point is...THEY BROUGHT ME A NEW BED....... Its massive...I need a ladder to get on it...then I sink into it.....and the best bit is it cost more than the albino emos bed.......
It takes up half the dining room.......Twiggs and TBG are blaming one another for buying it and panicking in case I dont like it...dont like it...I LOVE IT....
Now I have mastered thae art of climbing onto it and not panicking when I think I am sinking into it.Its fantasic...and even better I am so high up not only do I need oxygen I can see what yummies may be on the dining room table...RESULT !!!!!

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