Tuesday, 17 March 2009

TBG says NO

I was dragged on The Perry Barr RGT walk on Sunday.....which is always good bum sniffing fun and if it wasn't for the fact that I have ( and The Albino Emo one) have to get up so very early ( 10.30 meet up) and the walky in between bit-it would be great.
Its always great to meet up with my fellow hounds and sniff and eat sausages.
Twiggs always falls in love in with several hounds...... HOWEVER this Sunday I was really narked ( believe me if my snout wasn't quite so long I would have done the Twiggs bum face thing)
There was this puppy, Poppy I think IT was called..a ditty brindle thing ( not nice brindle like me, but a wishy washy brindle yellowy thing).
IT I think was about 18 weeks old, IT had a broken leg from where a daft Alsatian had fallen on it...so folks- including Twiggs were all like, " awwwwwwwww, ooohhh poor Sweet little THING"
Twiggs even deserted me and went to fawn all over it and kept looking at TBG all longingly and doe eyed...he kept mouthing words like ... NO way, Bugger off..never ever"
Twiggs kept saying oh its just soooooooo sweet ( and Im not ? ) Oh its so lovely
( and Im not ?) We have room for IT.
Actaully I dont have room for IT...Theres not enough room for me on the sofa...let alone when Twiggs parks her big fat bottom on it and thinks im getting all lovey dovey snuggling up to her....when will she realise I am actually trying to push her off !!!!!!!!!!
We dont have enough toys for IT and I am nOT sharing mine will some thing that will get puppy drool all over it.
Theres not enough room in the camper van for IT...point proven on the way home when I purposely spread out to maximum capacity in the van just to show them how small the van is.
My bed...just its massive, but its massive just for me.
Food, well as you have read previously theres not enough food for me in this house lately let alone a manky puppy.
As its obviously un raced and will never race due to the dog wrestling incident...no doubt it will have lots of energy ( HORRORS) and want lots of walks which no doubt I will have to go on too ( so dont think so)... Plus I know TBG wont want to be walking IT all the time......and two sets of eyes watching them pig out at tea time, two sets of drooling mouths...nope cant see that happening.....
Who wants a rug-rat in the house not me..and certainly not TBG...so for once we agree on something.
Twiggs nearly had to be taken to casualty on the way home as I thought she was going to actually swallow her lips she had sucked them in so much and there was a BIG silence on the way home...apart from the sighing and occasional tutting that is.
well I'd rather have silence any day than an ankle bitter invading MY SPACE

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