Monday, 12 May 2008

Wheres my Flake ?

TBG brought me my first ice-cream ( well Ellie-pup & Ollie are allowed them )
It was a seriously great nom nom............
Now the day before I will admit I had TBG go into town and buy me a tub of low fat ice cream and a paddling pool....... the ice cream was put in my bowl which was mighty good, but nowhere near as yummy as eating it from the cone...( think its all to do with being hand-fed)
I was very very dainty licking it nicely and nibbling at the cornet - bit bland would be nicer if cornets were bacon flavoured- but hey it was food and im not knocking that, just making an observation-
I didnt get the dreaded brain freeze that shannon moans about - see i dont chobble-
Nor however did I get a flake, any sauce or any of those sugary bits they put on............

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