Sunday, 25 May 2008

How Much Longer ????

Ok, I love my humans very very much............but I also love to sleep- its what i do best , I think we have established this fact ok )
When these guys to work, I have a routine which involves making a nest in my bed and playing statues with myself ( Ok for all of you who never had a childhood- Bit like TBG who was born old and is getting mopre child like as he get on in years, or so Twiggs says so..anyway at childrens parties they play a game called Statues where you have to stop when the music stops and stay as still as a statue.well I play this but I have adapted theres no music and just me and I have to stay still all day................................... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz school..
But Twiggs is so selfish..she has upset my Zen training by having nearly 4 weeks off work.
TBG said she had to have an operation.... well she dissapeared for a couple of hours and TBG came back and was pacing the floor ( which normally means she has gone shopping)..any way he brought her home all floppy and she just lay on the sofa saying ( opps sorry SLURRING) random odd things then falling asleep , mouth agape drool attatching her to the pillow- I get told off for pillow licking..actually watching her was like watching TBG coming back from the beer church, but minus the kebab.
I think TBG was supposed to be looking after her, but he just laughed and took photos of big floppy Twiggs when she was asleep..then he drank beer.Bad nursey TBG !!!!!
Anyway, she is off work and its upsetting my routine..wasnt to bad at first when she couldnt move about..but now it moves and I have to follow it in case it should fill my bowl while Im not looking..and I am tired..and it takes me for walks..fair enough not massive great big long walks..but walks when I should be alseep..and shes cunning she wont chase me with the collar like TBG and then let me off when I hide..she harnesses me up while I am asleep...not fair...
I love Twiggs, But I also love sleep.Twiggs I am sure your hurts are all mended now..please go back to work and give me back my routine x x x x x x x

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