Monday, 12 May 2008

Oliie :The super sausage snaffler

I met Ollie yesterday, he is a very happy 5 year old Lab.. ( think the folks he owns, should not allow him any more e-numbers, as I think he has AHD as he was a bit of a wriggler- a happy wriggly chap though)
Ollie had come along last year and won a competition for the quickest hound to snaffle sausages - good job i wasnt here last year-think I would have given him a serious run for his money-his prize for sausage snaffling was more sausages, to which he halved the record again when gobbling those...RESPECT TO OLLIE !!!!!! that is one amazing dog.
Ollie took his human into the Most appealing eyes round, think they must have gotten mixed up as Ollie took 2nd place ( think if they had wafted a plate of bangers in front of him, he would have looked most appealing and won...! )
Ollie also took his human into the sporting round, but Ollie couldnt keep still and had to leave the ring for a bit ( nothing to do with me whispering that there was a bloke giving free ice-creams to the first hound to leave the ring...honest !!!)
Ollie likes ice cream, looks like he likes it, dont think he actually tastes it by the way the little gannet wolfed it down..but respect to him again as he managed 2 whole ice creams and the half that shannon left .
Think he was disapointed that there were no sausages this year, not half as disapointed as me though.........................

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