Monday, 12 May 2008

Bath Time

They made me have a bath : does washing my lady bits in front of the telly while TBG is having tea not make me clean enough...NO so they say !!!!
I was lured under false pretences to Nanny Nels house, all excited and happy as nanny Nels proper name is Nanny Cheese as she has an endless supply of cheese and puts milk in my water to coax me to drink...
So I was all happy and waggy to see Nanny Cheese, when horrors I allowed in the bathroom ( which is down stairs as she lives in a bunaglow- which I think means all on one level, which is a bit stoopid as Nanny Cheese has bedrooms upstairs ????? TBG says its a Dorma Bungalow..I says its a house........
Never been in a bathroom before and to be honest, dont think I will be quite so keen in future either as I was sniffing the big white thing and TBG scoops me up and plonks me in it...puts loads of water on me shampoohey ( yes spelt right) bubbly stuff on me, makes me look like a poodle and then hoses me off.......they seem to think the whole thing is very funny giggling and tittering...well I wasnt laughing much..... Nor was nanny Cheese once they released me and I ran into her front room and belly wiped my sodden fur all over her best rug over and over again.
Nanny Cheese did give me lots of cheese as a reward for being such a brave doggy- Get real, its not as if I really had much say in the matter really was it ????
Any way TBG has brought me a paddling pool, which he very kindly blew up with his own lung power- without passing out-did go a bit puce though !
I think he's having a laugh, I will look at it, maybe even sniff at it when no one is around to accidently on purpose push me in , walk around it -taking a very very wide berth..but I will not go in it...if he thinks its so great why doesnt he sit in it........... May do a Big Nellie-Doodle in it when he's not looking just so he gets the hint !!!!

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