Friday, 30 May 2008

Happy Birthday !!!!!

Happy Birthday to me, happy Birthday to me....Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeee......!!!
Hurrah its my birthday..well no its not really...I was born in May..but these fools dont know what date, so they have chosen the date when they first clapped eyes on my bootiful face to celebrate the day that the lord made this world a better place but gracing it with my presence !!!
The day started with lots of belly rubs and kisses..then a long long walk along the canal ( now hang on a mo, i thought the birthday girl should have chosen what she did on her birthday, and this birthday girl would have chosen to spend the day snuggled up on her big cosy bed after being given breakfast in said bed consisting of sausages and cheese and next doors cat !!)
But no those who hold the leash drag me out..At least the canal is great..lots of wild life to look at..lots of horrid.. Canadian geese to hiss and do the scary wing flappy thing at me -i was only looking at the baby iccle geesey thingys I wasnt going to eat one..honest.
Lots and lots of bargys boat things out which is annoying as you have to smile at them and wave and there were loads...Twiggs must have been exhausted by the end lifting those bingo wings waving like a fruitloop !!!!- even better when the lock broke and people were queuing up to get through to find out that the canal was then blocked by a falling tree..
Well we stopped at a quaint little coffee shop where I had my birthday pressie...very nice hand made doggy biscuit bone things, which were nice...TBG smoothered them in hot choclate froth- thankfully as they were so hard..I nearly broke my teeth..needed the moisture..I dont think they do doggy dentures.... They were nice...Then the rain started...oh joy not only a long walk, but a long walk home in the rain.... Boo-hoo !
The day before they had taken me on the steam train ( o.k it was a weekend birthday celebration..and I had some beer..nom nom nom some treats then slept all the way home..No i wasnt drunk like they were suggesting..I was snug, full belly ( beer and nom nom's) and the movement of the train lulled me into a snorring slumber..very nice..apart from the little tykes in the compartment behind me..noisy or what..I think all kids under the age of 6 should be made to wear gags and straight jackets in public......
When we got home they opened a bottle of pink champers ( no they are are not posh folks- it was a gift from Sam and Monty the hansome greyhound..and they had saved it for my birthday but didnt share it with me..greedy oinks !!!
And then I slept and slept and slept of course that was after I had beaten Murtle the turtle and Erwin the croc-o-gator up for forgetting my special day !!!!

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