Monday, 12 May 2008

Human Show

I Entered TBG into a human show.....( dont laugh, every one deserves a chance).
Forest Dog rescue were holding a Human show yesterday, and as the weather was just so beautiful, I decided to enter him, at least I think it was a human show as loads of canines had dragged the varied assortment of odd balls they owned out to enter ( now can i just say, that yes i am aware that it was hot yesterday, very hot but please please my canine readers, I know the humans you own come in all shapes and sizes and no one is perfect,( well looks at twiggs) but please, please make them cover up, it nearly put my off lunch seeing all those wibbily wobbly bits all hanging out on display, getting redder and redder in the hot sun ! )
I entered TBG in the sporting section.... i know its quite funny really, but give the guy a chance...he says he is sporty, that he used to play an odd game called Rugby ( ?) - an a long long time ago looking at him, anyway he says it involved chasing a ball around a field ( how sad and pathetic can you get, ball chasing - I so dont think so ??) Ive seen it on the telly- when twiggs is at work and TBG is supposed to be doing " stuff-around-the-house-type-things"..all it looks like is a massive punch up and how to get your nose broken and monkey ears reshaped like fat flat pancakes..oh yeah I forgot he does the old mountain biking thingy so i suppose he must be sort of sporty......
He was well behaved in the Judges ring and didnt doodle or bite anyone...
Mind you in all fairness, I do think that I helped a lot as I kept giving the judge my really really sad please give the poor lad a chance look...then when he had to run to show how sporty he was I did the Greyhound touch all your paws together run to really make him gallop..
I am very very proud.
I did think about entering Twiggs in to the prettiest bitch section ( only because there wasnt a grumpy or biggest bum face one) but shes just getting over her operation and couldnt move about too we left her sat in her chair under a tree like an old grannie.....

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