Saturday, 17 January 2009

hurraaaahh For Land Lady CHEESE

Move over Nanny Cheese........I have a new Love in my life.....LAND LADY CHEESE...."
Its nothing personal you know its just that L.L.C ( Land Lady Cheese) is far more giving when it comes to dishing out the sacred yellow stuff..she doesnt fob me off with 2 chunks and thats me lot !!!!!!!

I'm still a bit wary about the Catholic Beer church ...the thought of all those clickety clicking old ladies let loose with a bingo dabber and a glass of sherry...( ooohh... makes me shudder )..... I no longer stall at the door and refuse to go in...then once dragged inside I do not stand with my back to every one casing the door..ready for my escape...
As L.L.C has cured me...its a miracle !!!!!!!!

Some one tell father Lamb

All for the love of cheese

Im not greedy...........................
its just that when I look in the mirror I can actually see my ribs - well if I breathe in a bit- and that cant be right...and it takes a lot of energy to sleep 23 hours a day...its like hibernation but on a slighty smaller time scale...and have you seen how much bears have to pack away prior to the long sleep ?
Exactly : so agreed I am not greedy...I need a lot of calories ( unlike Twiggs..who needs her jaws wiring)
Now when TBG and Twiggs go out...I know where they are going as the Albino Emo isnt with them..which means she's sleeping at her nans and that pair are sneaking off to the Beer Church..I know they are not going shopping as they are not arguing and Twiggs smells nice.......
So they are not going with out little ole me some.......... L.L.C will miss me if they go in without me...and people always say not " Hello TBG/ are you ? " the first thing they say is " WHERES NELLIE ?"
Every one quite rightly so loves me...
And the raidiators are always on over there unlike at home where TBG is way way too tight to put them on.......
Its like being a film star...
I make my entrance...everyone croons over me
My coat is laid on the floor fur side up by the raidator.
People fawn over me beacause I am so adorable..( ok so it sounds like Im blowing my own trumpet here...but im just stating what folk say)
Then The best bit comes..... :

Thank you for curing me L.L.C
I Love You
x x x x x

P.s : I quite like milk and sausages too

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