Friday, 16 January 2009

Santa came

I think Santy forgave me for opening that one pressie a tad early.....After all I did show remorse)
He brought me a new gift...... They call it " Ducky "... I call him " Martin The Mallard " He honks and is fantastic..... unlike my friend ASBO Hound who killed hers ( yup totally ripped to bits... no amount of sewing could save it and its gone to that big doggy toy place in the sky)..
I havent killed Martin yet.. although I did remove his honk by the end of the was a bit baffling as ducks go Quack ...Matin being male and butch and part Goose Honked...but he honks no more....
I love to chase him and throw him in the air..playing that wonderful game called
" lets see how many of Ole bum faces stuff I can knock off the shelf....)
matin has tuffy fur...supposed to be feathers.......and I love to nibble it and get it every where..twiggs says its a monkey to hoover all the more fun for nibbling it off and grinding into the carpet...the down side is it makes me cough...the first time this happened TBG nearly gave me mouth to mouth till I honked up a wad of fur - very quickly i will admit when I saw him advancing towards me-

They also gave me a mouse..very originally called Mousey..he crinkles and squeeks ..or did squeek..he just crinkles now..hes rather sweet , the only snag is he is rather light and when I throw him he fails to knock stuff off the shelf and has let me down a have to bite him that extra bit hard just to show him who is the boss.
Santa left many items off the original list I left for him...actually he left every thing off....
I did ask for
A whole cow..cooked
My own sausage/cheese/milk factory
cashmere bedding
Never to be made to go out in the rain/dark/snow/wind/twiglight/hotsun..ever again
Next doors cat gift wrapped.
Talking of gift wrapping.. THEY DID NOT WRAP MY PRESSIES...
Twiggs thought it would give me bad ideas about being able to unwrap stuff...ok youve read the previous Blogs........What happened before was an accident..I have explained !!!

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