Tuesday, 14 September 2010


All good things come to those who wait.................

Tgb, Twiggs, Gimoo and I have all been on holiday to Wales in the trusty VW Damper Van...and indeed once again Wales was damp.. ( I very nearly had a nasty case of trench foot) Every year they go to the same place- dont get me wrong , i love holidays and I love Rhyns camp site ( well who wouldnt with it being a working SHEEP farm :)- but come on guys use a bit of imagination when it come to picking holidays.
Now I am not moaning because its Snowdonia and they make me walk every where, yes walk every where...for those of you who didnt understand that...I said WALK EVERY WHERE...Holiday...my soggy left foot..holidays are supposed to be relaxing and a time for snoozing etc...... Not with these dopes.....
The upside was being allowed to have an ice cream every day..oh yes and once again, no flake and no sauce..but hey-ho beggars cant be choosers ... and it was was funny to watch Gimoo's face when i was brought one and she wasnt... ( Hey im only 8- and the baby here, shes 15- she can buy her own, plus they love me more ,ok )

The sleeping arrangement were great Twiggs and TBG made a rather comfy mattress for me ( ok I lay on their legs and listened to them moan about it all the time )which was fab.....well it was fab until the tent gave into the rain..and we were nearly washed away...that must of been agony for Gimoo - water actually touching her skin.
So we had to go and buy a new tent...... hurrah..much bigger than the last one.
I sat in the damper van and watched them put up the new said tent in a pouring gale whilst Gimoo tried to hold on to the old tent..think if her feet were not so very huge and kept her grounded she would have been whisked off by a tenty type hot air balloon whent the gusts of wind came.. TBG and Twiggs laughed till twiggs nearly wet herself at Gimoos squeals coming from inside the ravanged tent.... I was sniggering like mutley in the safety of the van ......
Ellie Pup and The osbournes set up camp with us on day 4, which was great and Ellies dad took me to the sea side and I was allowed to run free on the beach...Hurrahhhhhhhh... ok so it was raining and windy and I didnt get A) A donkey ride or B) candy floss...but I did eye up some seaguls who flew off like big scardey cats the minute I was unleashed..that was lovelly.. I felt like Forest Gump running and running - well for about 5 minutes until I was pooped out.

They let me off for a run on the space in the camp site.
Gimoo, TBG and Twigs all possistioned themselves so they could catch me in case I decided to run away - ahem..run away ? me no think so, I have it made here, anyway off I went... I ran behind a tent mid circle, full on yomp- mouth wide open and |"bumped" into one of the campsite free range chickens who had escaped... " Opps ! " I rescued it from behind the tent where it could of hurt its self on the tent pegs..so I did the decent thing and as my mouth was open already I scooped it up and brought it out to safety.. and THEY SHOUTED AT ME !!!!!!!
Drop it Nellie..I thought Twiggs was going to pass out...
So I did and it ran away, so I picked it up again, this time you see worried about Gimoo squishing it with those giant feet of hers, and again they shouted at me.
TBG made me spit it out and dragged me off to the damper van, whilst Twiggs was examining the said chicken for bite marks ( as if....... )
They seem to have mistaken the chickens god almighty swalking .....It was really thanking me for saving from potential danger.... Honest

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