Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Birthday Queen was my birthday..." Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeee ....! " TBG and Twiggs had very kindly brought me variety of squeekedy-deekey toys which to kill...( may i add now for the record it is not at all funny to hide squeaky toys under my I jump out of my fur when diving into bed....ever !!!!! ).
The Abino Emo.....who is now a Ginger Emo..or Gimoo.... so many redheads mask the red in their hair..not this loon she is a proper carrot top by choice..even now weeks after the did that awful thing to herself I will find my self running into the room and stopping dead in my tracks thinking there is a stranger in the room and getting all unnecessary thinking I have a new victim to stroke and fawn over me....then I realise its her ---- only because its glued to its laptop while lounging on the sofa. ( Yes the sofa I am NOT allowed on ).
I do wonder if the Gimoo and I are related as we are both equally lazy, hungry and great at shedding hair everywhere.
Anyway Gimoo very kindly brought me some lovely pigs ears ( only because I suspect as she knew Twiggs would be greeting them later having been recycled into a big sloppy Nellie doodle :)

Well everyone went to work and I felt a wee bit sad as Twiggs Always books the day off for Gimoo's birthday...I was a little hurt as I know she loves me more than Ole Carroty top yet she'd gone to work and left me.

" Sigh "

When later in the day Twiggs and TBG came home with the bestest ever pressie ever for me...a sofa for the dining room .... no more hard floors for me.." Whoop-whoop"
Well I was just so happy I couldn't believe they had brought me such a great gift, even if Twiggs did cover it in more throws than they have in Habitat.
Its great I can spread out and see directly into the kitchen and being higher up I can see whats on the work surfaces. Lay there all comfy with my eyes boring into whoever is cooking in there ready to pounce should anything fall onto the floor.
I lie on my bed just waiting and watching and if anyone should sit on my sofa....then its fair game...I will run across the room and jump on them and demand a fuss..this is the price you pay for using MY sofa.
Twiggs says its not mine..and belongs to every one.....
i know though that its mine all mine all mine...... would have been a nice touch if they had gift wrapped it though.....

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