Thursday, 24 July 2008

Nanny Cheese

Oh Nanny Cheese, how I love you so much, i know Nanny Cheese was a bit worried that I was a bit stand-offish with her, I wasnt really, I just had a wee bee in my doggy bonnet as I wasnt allowed on her squishy squashy sofas and had to make do with the hard cold floor.......
No amout of cheesy type bribery could make me happy until I had parked my hairy skinny bottom on those pink velour sofas......every time I went to her house ( oooopps, sorry bungalow-yeah the bungalow with an upstairs..hey I be a hound but I am not totally like stupid...its a house if it has stairs...........any way every time we went there every one would plonk their fat bums on the sofas and poor ole mesome would have to try and get comfy on the FLOOR !!!!.not fair.........
TBG has been getting the camper ready for Happy holidays with the O family, so he's been outside and ive been stuck inside sulking , pinning, moaning about this.............. So Nanny Cheese has ALLOWED ME ON THE SOFA................its only taken over a year, but I got there in the end..and the wait was well worth it, they are so comfy, not leather like ours, which I always much the merriment of others always manage to slide off or get myself scalded for messing the throws Twiggs neatly arranged on them ........ theres nothing like wrestling the throws and seeing if how many knots I can get in them before Twiggs gives me that Bum face looks !!!!
The sofa at Nanny Cheeses house is only a 2 seater and Shannons always sprawled on it so I have to try and push her off, or squeeze on to the arm chairs and make a big fuss about it, making out that its way way too small, huffing and puffing and doing the " how sad am I eye thing" until Nanny Cheese feels sorry for me and makes ole Emo face move her sulky butt and change places with me, so I can sprawl on the 2 seater.......................only 3 snags though..... Emo child then gives me her Moody eyebrow wiggle- "I'm really not happy with you face- which is nearly as bad as the bum face, & Nanny Cheese's chair looks dead snug as it has a leg rest thing that springs up, so i am going to have to hatch a plan how to comander that seat off her and lastly now I have my new sleeping place how can I train Nanny Cheese to bring me cheese and hand feed me while I rest, rather than have to drag my self into the kitchen and do the " Arnt i a good doggy, heres my paw thing ?"

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Kate said...

What a gorgeous grey!!! And some beautiful photos and stories!!!
Hello From Hippie!!!