Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tiring Work

This morning at 3 dog chews past sleepy O'clock TBG started to rattle my lead at me, after rolling over on my comfy sofa under my snuggle blankie, I made the fatal mistake of opening an eye to which I had my collar put on - unfair advange methinks as I was still in post breakfast sleepy bye bye land........... and still in my funky glow in the dark P-jay-pjays.... well to be honest I am an ole lady and going outside in our night ware I guess comes with age. Any way he decides I am going to work with him, I didnt put up a fight as I had heard ole bumface filling a bag with gravy bones " for the trip" and hey at least at his place I get belly rubs galore and gravy bones, So I wasnt moaning... So off we tootle in the car, as least he had left the engine running to warm the car for me, ( more than he does for old bumface- score 1 to me! Not much occuring at work apart from belly rubs, ear scritches, head pats gravy bones, snoozes, then belly rubs, ear scritches, head pats gravy bones, snoozes. I thought he took me due to the fact I am so wonderfully brindilly and lovely he didnt want to be apart from me..... NO- i have been used, i hang my head in shame, he only took me as one visitor wants a dog ( theer was me getting all excited thinking i'd have a new mummy- one who shares chocolate and doesnt have a bum face, but oh no oh, no indeedy.... he took me to show her how lovelly we greyhounds are, how sweet we are, how affectionate we are... well I think she learnt that we sleep a lot, like gravy bones and clear a room in 30 seconds after breaking wind!!!! Its great that he took me, and even better that she is now going to go and let a greyhound adopt her.. but its tiring work having to do belly rubs, ear scritches, head pats gravy bones, snoozes....... yawny yawn yawn!!!!!

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