Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A muse.......

I must apologise for large gap in my blogs, it would rather seem that I have been very let down by the Mardy red haired one... all she wants to do is play with crayons and colour in all day...... Let alone listen to me and type for me, she is more than aware that due to my incredible long quicks that I have long nails and cannot navigate a key board, does she care? No, she just sits on her ample bottom doing these Nellie Doodle things.. using me as a muse... A muse, I ask you- do I get extra belly rubs for the priveledge of her using me, ( yes I already know I am model material- but have you actually seen her drawings ?- do i actually have silly gangilly long legs? Do I have a silly pointy face like a giant mousey?) No and when she can be bothered to belly rub poor old mesome then I end up with paint on my brindles, which is never a fetching look at all. These brindles are fading fast and its nothing to do with meself being of the older houndy type: I blame her, I think for every doodle she uses me for, a brindle dissapears.....remind me to eat her paints tonight!!!!! Its tiring work being a model and its not as if I am not tired enough at all already.. So I send apologies and I will hold her pencils to ransom unless she helps me more.

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