Thursday, 10 September 2009


We have just come back from a holiday from wettest Wales in the Damper van... It rained and rained and these bozo's moaned that it rained so they not learn from past experiences ???? ( me if some thing upsets me..I just dont do that thing again.....- even if they try to bribe me - no they just keep going to the same place every year and maoning about the wet weather !!!! ?)
The Abino Emo was on fine form she didnt disterb my sleep at all thanks to the joys of a net book and an ipod thingy...she even managed to get bed hogger Twiggs to sleep in the tent with her..which ment Oh Joy..I got to sleep with TBG all on my own in the damper van...fab..loads of room and no one waking me in the night due to the fact they cant hold it in and need a I get shouted at if i wake every one due to needing a wee..and if i should wee in the house i get shouted at...whats that all about then ????
We did lots of walking...ho-hum..but for every long walk i did I got treated to an ice cream.. however what did i get for walking half way up snowdon ? A flake ? Sprinkles ? Strawberry sauce ? No the smae old plain ice cream.. i do feel hard done by, especially as they made me sit on top of the open top double decker bus on the way to Mount Snowdon.. Big deal I hear you say..but have you ever seen a greyhound get down the stairs on a double decker ? No..?... picture the scene.. my rump passed me and reached the bottom before me ..... I think I should at least have gotten sprinkles for that.

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