Wednesday, 10 June 2009

New Beer Church

I must admit my very very bestest ever beer church is the one owned by the Famous Land Lady Cheese and her never ending pots of cheese...two downs sides though...plastic chairs and no Nellie thrones....I cannot or will not hummilate myself by squeezing onto a plastic chair akin to those in pre school nurseries
( SMALL)..also when I went in the other week I nearly had heart lady cheese was not there serving ale and was Barry her he knows my passion for cheese..but I dont think he's a soft touch like LLC.....So I did the decent thing and sulked..thankful LLC came in later and produced her bowl of yellowness to my aching tummy..but honsetly I cant take many shocks like that !!!!
Themselves seem to have found a watering hole which involved a walk longer than 2 mins..which I wasnt happy about for starters...its a bit pokey inside..but the ale is good and they have big squishy comfy seats which I promptly divied on ( well it was a window was comfy..TBG was very embarrased as the landylady was watching me..but she laughed and told me to go for it so I did Nellie style.
The upside is comfy seats downside no porky puffs since these two are "Slimming" and there was a yappy jack russell thing keeping me awake at lease at LLC beer church the only other dog is farther Lambs dog Massie who is about 750 in dog years and she leaves me alone ( probally as the blind ole thing cant see me)
So its a quandry..comfy seats or cheese............think I know which will win dont you ?

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