Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Sleep Over

Ellie-pup has come for a sleep over !!!! No one told me.... I think these folks were a bit worried how I would be as Ive not been that great lately ( been a bit shy )

Mr O's car pulled up and he got out and I was so excited as my bestest friend had come ( Ellie pup not Mr O...although he is pretty cool himself ! ) to play....

It was great to see her, she doesnt limp so much now since herlumpybumpyremoval op. She was looking good for someone of her years- Mrs O says Ellie pups not old..and we get told off if we call her old.... and Mrs O gives us THE LOOK which is a sterner version of THE BUMFACE.....
We had a great time : We walked Ellie up to the woods and all around them , where she jumped in the water and became SWAMPY DONKEY, I was lurred into the water, which only came up to my ankles..............which in Ellies case is nearly submerged due to her lack of stature.
We also took Ellie on her first train ride ( On a proper steam train -yawn, yawn)..she did well, I am so very glad she didnt hang out of the window like she does in the car !!!!!! ( or that Mr O didnt also)
We had a long long walk along the river, which was I note a grumpy 4 miles....... me and Ellie vote to stay at home next time...we will look after the house and keep the beds warm.
It was great to have a sleep over and see every one again...even if it was tiring..and Ellie pup got bitten by a beastie in the woods...and went All John Merrick for a couple of days....
Please come back soon, I miss you all x x x x x xx

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